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We are here to help put mental health first for STEM based corporations.

We are passionate about taking preventative and personalised action to maintain employee well-being and mental health in the challenging worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Scroll below to start learning how.

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About Our Approach

How We Can Help

The world of STEM can be a challenging but invigorating world to work in. With this work, studies have shown that high stress levels occur frequently and it is common in these fields to have higher rates of poor mental health.

We work to help our clients give their employees the tools they need to prioritise their well-being to prevent mental health challenges.

We are here to help you and your employees keep that healthy balance of challenge whilst feeling energised and resting to create a happy and productive environment.

Our approach is unique in that we focus on key career transition stages such as students to graduates or moving from team member to team management. We use a blend of workshops and one-to-one work to support your employees through that transition.

We believe it is not just at an executive level that this support is required but through career journey to allow for stable foundations to be built for maximum potential as well as a consistently healthy approach.

We work with your business and teams to create a unique experience that leaves them feeling in control and confident in their next move and you knowing that they have the best possible tools to succeed.

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How We Can Support You

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Keynote Speeches

Inspiring talks on Mental Health in the Industry

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 Brain Health Workshops

Specialised Workshops in the 6 key areas of Brain Health

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The Graduate Program

Supporting the transition from study to work.

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Client Testimonials

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Grace - Civil Engineering Graduate

Hannah has helped me understand and transform my mindset; taught me how to believe in myself and boost my confidence; and guided me in setting, planning and smashing my goals! I finally feel like I am thriving rather than just surviving! I wouldn’t have achieved these things without Hannah’s support and guidance. She is a fantastic listener and well worth the investment! I am excited to keep working with her in 2021.

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