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Supporting you in finding that inner confidence your way -
because it is never just black & white

Taking your burnout to brilliance & balance

Exhausting yourself trying to prove you are worthy is...

…a thing of the past with a great strategy that aligns with your life and your needs. It allows you to approach life head on to reach those dreams but still maintain a healthy balance. 

Hi! I'm Hannah.

I created Engineer Your Mind to help others achieve the lifestyle and mindset they are looking for by breaking down the barriers and creating an effective and sustainable strategy for change.

I help people just like you who are ready to take their next step in life but might be feeling a little scared or overwhelmed.  I help you manage that voice in your head triggering imposter syndrome and self-doubt to reach success in a sustainable and healthy way.

Mindset and goal strategy is never the same for two people, so I am here to help you navigate YOUR path. To help you find the strategy that works for you not just in mindset work but in effective time management too.

I am here to support you in finding your inner confidence and trust in yourself.

Are you ready to take that next step?

The benefits of working on your mindset





The Connection Method

A membership that allows you to get monthly support from me and an incredible community. Training sessions, guest speakers and coaching all in one!

The Imposter Method

My signature program that helps you understand your inner imposter and build a personal strategy to help remove them. This is a one-on-one service over 8 weeks.

The Personal Method

This is designed to meet your needs and is my most high touch service. It is one-on-one full access to my support with weekly calls and much more.

How I can help

I help you find the mindset methods that work for you, your challenges and your strengths so you can live life YOUR way.

On the blog

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