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Presentations and Workshops

Well-being and Mental Health is complex and inclusive or so many different elements.

So, where do you start as a business?

What do you provide for that will support your employees best?

This is where Engineer Your Mind comes in to help give you a simple, structured approach.

We offer a range of topics for talks or workshops and are open to creating bespoke packages for your team, including bringing in external specialists.

The topics can be done as a on off training or keynote as well as converted into a workshop with related activities for your team.

Our current offerings:


  • Effective Goal Setting -Follow the 10 step process to clearly define, align and plan personal and corporate goals.

  • EQ, Mindset & Mental Health - Showing your team how the three are connected and the importance of developing those are.

  • Building Confidence - Understanding what confidence is, its importance to progress and how to build your own.

  • Bespoke Package - Tailoring to a topic(s) that suits you and your team..


ADD ON: We offer the opportunity to upgrade the program to provide one-to-one coaching support or group coaching follow up sessions.

If you would like anymore information then please get in touch.

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