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Our Services

We implement a simple, structured, career transition focused well-being solutions for your business and your staff.

Engineer Your Mind is here to help you take key, proactive actions to support your staff’s needs at each level within the business, not just provide general well-being and mental health support.

Together we’re going to take the belief that well-being is about having everything in equal balance and instead teach and support your staff in understanding how good well-being is about adjusting prioritise to suit where current needs to mitigate burnout.

We help your staff in understanding how to manage the stress and work of career growth and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by implementing the 7 steps to healthy success. We help them understand that work and life are not there to be balanced, but to be used together to create momentum for growth.

Creating these foundations is the key to the start of a healthy career and why we recommend starting at a graduate level, to create habits that will last the rest of their career.

See below for our selection of current services.

Not sure what you need for your business?

Drop us an email with what you are wanting support on and we will come back with tailored support suggestions.

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The Graduate Program

Supporting your employees as they transition from being a student to being an empoyee.

Presentation and Workshops

Specialised workshops in the 6 key areas of brain health.

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Keynote Speeches

Inspiring talks on mental health in the industry.

Coaching Services

Work with us one on one or as a team to improve performance and happiness.



Check out upcoming events for bite-sized personal development sessions.

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