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Our Story

Engineer Your Mind was founded by Hannah Schaapkens in 2020 as an extension of her work campaigning for change in Mental Health in STEM businesses.

Her passion came from her own experience with a severe depression and anxiety disorder whilst working as an Electrical Engineer. After struggling for years and finally reaching breaking point, she took steps to educate those around her on what it felt like to breakdown, how they could prevent being in the same situation and how they could best support those struggling. This was successful in creating change in the approach to wellness in the business and in creating a sense of togetherness for those struggling in silence.

Her mission became Engineer Your Mind.

Our mission is to provide necessary tools and support to make sure no one reaches breaking point, to make sure those that have are being supported and that everyone believes in their own potential.

Our goal is to help companies take proactive action at key career moments to support their employees in their own well-being and brain health to increase productivity and happiness for the employee, team and business.

We work in collaboration with many incredible specialists to make sure we are bringing you and your employees the best possible support.

We look forward to welcoming you into our programs and providing you with business changing support.

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