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Imagine not having to worry about that
negative voice popping into your head

...because you know if it does decide to show up, you can kick it straight back out.

Why is that?

Because you know why it has appeared and how to manage it because you took the time to understand you.

You have a clear and simple strategy that helps you step through the motions to remove that negative voice and understand your value and brilliance.

You have completely accepted who you are and are confident in the value you bring to every person, situation and role you encounter.

All the achievements I have had in my career...

…the awards, bonuses, promotions and even creating a business haven’t come without that voice showing up and making me doubt myself or my abilities.

Without that struggle I would 100% not be the Human I am now.
They taught me so much about myself and about others.

They allowed me to create this business that gives me so much purpose and joy and allows me to connect with amazing humans such as yourself.

It took me years to get to this point and a lot of ups and downs and I don’t want that for you.

So I have incredible systems below to help you on your journey.

The connection Method

A membership that allows you to get monthly support from me and an incredible community. Training sessions, guest speakers and coaching all in one!

The imposter Method

My signature program that helps you understand your inner imposter and build a personal strategy to help remove them. This is a one-on-one service over 8 weeks.

The personal method

This is designed to meet your needs and is my most high touch service. It is one-on-one full access to my support with weekly calls and much more.

Convinced you can figure it out on your own?

I was too.

Asking for help was the BIGGEST game changer and has changed my life for the better. Having an outside perspective not tied in anyway to my life gave me advice I could trust and was focused on me. Now I am here to do that for you.

The Connection Method

What is it?

A membership that allows you to get monthly support from me and an incredible community. It gives you monthly support and accountability to allow for sustainable change and consistent growth.

Who's this for?

This is for you if:

>> You want more regular support

>> You want some accountability as you implement mindset change

>> You want amazing humans to connect with that understand how you are feeling.

>> You want an understanding of topics that will help you create the change you desire.

>> You want support in creating effective change in your life.

>> You want help to build confidence in yourself and doing things in a way that suits YOU.

  • Monthly in-depth training videos
  • Monthly Q&A calls
  • Private Facebook Group for support and for further questions.
  • Guest experts


The Imposter Method

What is it?

An 8 week one to one coaching program to help you define and manage imposter syndrome. We will work together to define triggers, your imposter type and a clear strategy to keep that voice telling you that you aren’t good enough at bay.

Who's this for?

This is for you if:

>> You suffer from imposter syndrome

>> You have a negative voice in your head telling you that you are not worthy

>> You doubt your abilities

>> You have low self-confidence

  • Weekly calls
  • Voxer access for the 8 weeks
  • Personalised strategy
  • Relevant resources
  • Free access to the connection method
  • Complimentary follow up call

The Personal Method

What is it?

You want one to one support but on a specific mindset issue? Then this is for you.

We work together to define the problem, understand where it is coming from, look at strategies for you and create a plan.

Who's this for?

This is for you if:

>> You feel your mindset needs work

>> You prefer to work one to one

>> You have specific areas you wish to cover.

>> You want something bespoke to you

  • Weekly calls
  • Access to the connection method
  • Access to all resources including some made personally for you
  • Voxer access
  • Free access to the connection method

Prefer to work at your own pace?

I got you covered! 

Goal setting workbook

A workbook to help you find goals you are passionate and effectively breaking them down into manageable chunks.

Goal smashing package

A bundle of my Goal reflection workbook, goal setting workbook and a goal setting call with me to nail you yearly goals.

Goal reflection workbook

A workbook to guide you through a reflection of the previous month to see where you have done well and where you can improve for the month ahead.

Reality check

Growth is painful and hard work BUT you are worthy, capable and deserving of that effort.

But why me?
These are my superpowers

Engineering Mindset

Expert problem solver, especially in high stress situations.


Enneagram type 2 INFJ queen right here - plus I have been in your shoes. I get it.


I love to listen. Podcast, audiobook, you... - love it and I am so good at it.


Not just something I value in others but something I work hard to be every day.

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