Why coping with Imposter Syndrome is not enough…

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I speak to many people about imposter syndrome and offer to help.

The most common response I get is usually along the lines of it not being a priority and that they are managing fine even though they struggle with it plus there are other things they want to invest in right now.

So today I want to address why this really needs to be a priority – whether you choose to work with me for support or not.

Imposter syndrome is exhausting and debilitating.

That lack of energy you are feeling right now, those moments where you are teetering on the edge of burnout, the days where you are working all the hours but everyone else isn’t – probably imposter syndrome.

That sense of unease, the constant fear of failure, that mind blocking paranoia that stops you in your tracks that you feel – probably imposter syndrome.

The reason you have already failed your new year’s resolutions, the feeling you will never reach that dream life, that even the most basic of goals is passing you by – probably imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome makes you firmly believe that you are not capable even though there is plenty of proof to the contrary. 

Think back to the study that started off this term in the first place and was discussed in the last blog (read more about it here). The women in the study were already recognised for being incredible at what they do by peers and to even be part of the study had to be high-achievers, yet they still didn’t believe they were capable.

Imposter syndrome can cause numerous side effects that can exhaust you and actually stop you making progress.

“It was making me physically ill”

– Hannah Schaapkens

If you want that dream life, the inner peace, the happiness, the confidence etc. you NEED to create a sustainable mindset strategy to manage your imposter syndrome. It needs to be a priority because it affects every single other part of your life.

We are often not brought up to learn about the importance of mindset in reaching what we want to achieve. Education tends to be the sole focus.

Invest in your education and you will reach your dreams, right?

This is both true and false.

It is important to have the education and understanding on topics that you want to be great at, however, if that little voice is continually going to tell you that you are not capable and you have not found a way to manage it, then that education is quite frankly, useless.

If you do not have the right mindset backing your learning, that learning will be for nothing because you will never believe it has taught you anything – which makes that a very wasted investment.

Those of you I talk to who tell me that you just want to get your professional chartership first before focusing more on your inner working, that you don’t think this important to manage until you are in X role, that this is less important than learning the skills – think about this.

Being able to understand your inner imposter and keep them at bay will allow you to show up powerfully, confidently and as your best self – no matter what you want to achieve.

That voice in your head telling you that you are not good enough is what is holding you back from having already achieved your goal – I can almost guarantee it.

Want that professional chartership?
You are going to need to convince others of your capabilities and greatness – how do you plan on doing that if you are of the belief you are not capable?

Want those new clients?
You are going to need to be sure that you can help them in order to land them – how do you plan on doing that if you are of the belief that you are not capable. And no, investing in your next business coach doesn’t work unless they are going to properly address your mindset. Emphasis on the properly there.

Want to be a senior manager?
You will have time and money to work on yourself when you are a senior manager, right? Just need to get there…
For that role, you need to convince people that you are capable, can stay calm and can deal with failure. If you struggle with imposter syndrome, this will be a challenge for you.

You want to be more fit and healthy?
You want to hit that fitness level or eat all the healthy meals but that voice in your head tells you that it is really just genetics and there isn’t anything you can do about it. That you are just not a “healthy” person. That you do not deserve it or are not capable of the exercise needed so might as well not start

all imposter syndrome.

This is what happens because of the imposter syndrome.

Because of this feeling of incapability I find people tend to either:

  1. Overwork themselves.
    This is to make sure they are triple checking everything for no mistakes. They are trying everything they can to show everyone – but really themselves- that they are capable, even though everyone already knows they are. They struggle to relax and rest because they are constantly overthinking everything that could happen and go wrong so they can do something about it.
  2. They stop trying.
    The voice gets too much and they start to believe what it is saying so much so that they can’t bring themselves to even try and therefore prove that voice right and reinforce the issue.
  3. Get stuck.
    The fear of being found out is so strong that they actually have moments where they don’t know how to even put one foot in front of the other. They just go blank. When they thaw out from the brain freeze, they then fall into A – overworking to make up for it.

These are very general common themes and depending on the individual more specific things can show up.

All of these things hold you back. Either by exhausting you and therefore affecting your brain’s ability to function (creating then even more overworking!) or physically stopping you from even trying.

Mine used to get so bad I would actually throw up and cry leading up to specific events.

How is this not a priority?!
It was making me physically ill.

If you do anything after reading this today – whether you suffer or not with imposter syndrome – have a think about how your mindset is holding you back and what small changes you can make to help it along – even just acknowledging it is a problem is enough to start seeing change.

Your mind controls all your actions and needs to be a priority and looked after.
Whether you can do that on your own, with the support of loved ones, or with support from a coach or mentor, take some time to look after it.

It will be the best investment you ever make.

Want help?
Book a free mindset strategy call and I can help you figure out what might be holding you back. 

Know it is imposter syndrome?
Book a free mindset strategy call and let’s see what key mindset areas would support you right now in making positive but simple changes.

I look forward to speaking to you soon!

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