Through Society Tinted Glasses

When you hear the word “goal” what do you think of?

Is it a promotion, a certification, chartership… something tangible?


It is something we are taught from a young age. To aim for very specific things. Aim for grades, aim for a job role, aim for a certain style of home or car etc.

This was how I saw goals, how I saw reaching success. By things I had or achievements that were visible to others. It didn’t matter that I still felt lost. I had the house, the degree, the good job. I had so much privilege. Therefore, I was doing life right.

Nope. I was miserable and depressed. I was proud that I had done so much with my life and of course grateful for the privilege I have but it didn’t make me happy – it just made me socially accepted.

It is amazing what we will do as humans to fit in. It is amazing how we will surrender our own happiness to just be part of a group.

I believe that this is because we are taught not to consider our emotions in any of the actions we take. Emotions are things to be put aside, to not let over complicate a decision, something that holds you back.

Now after breakdowns, medication and therapies, I value how important my emotions are and I am no longer afraid to show them. I know that my goals are a feeling. A way of being.

If something goes wrong, I take time to cry and be upset. To be a little disappointed in myself. Get those awful negative emotions out. It clears my head ready to then analyse what happened and figure out how I am going to move forward, not make the mistake again and push on.

I found keeping it inside a not taking time to respect how my mind and body were feeling made it worse, delayed it to another time, gave it the opportunity to combine with other small issues I was tucking away until everything exploded.

I am saying this as someone who has had support in strategies to pull myself from that negative space and to not let it consume me for longer than about 24 hours.

I believe this training is vital to all. To be able to accept and acknowledge what your feelings are is so powerful. I believe it can truly guide us to success.

Without my mental health issues I wouldn’t have this perspective. I would still be rolling along trying to tuck those emotions into any dark part of my brain so they didn’t come out. Because that would obviously be improper.

I am so glad I have this perspective now, that I have people around me who support this perspective. I can’t wait to share some of these tips through my blogs, social media posts and upcoming services. I can’t wait to start using this company I am creating as a way to provide change to the way we educate our people, to the way we choose to make life socially acceptable.

I am so excited to do this with you at my side, supporting me.

Thank you so much for being here, reading this.

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