The value of having time to think

One of the blessings that has come out of lockdown is having time to think. Having time to consider what you really need as a person and what this looks like as we move forward into the new normal. For many of us in secure jobs this has been the dream.

However, for many, this time in lockdown has also come with uncertainty around job security. Whether on furlough, at risk or now made redundant, it has been tough on the old mindset.

Time to think when times are tough can seem like a negative. It is as if you have too much time to consider all the worst case scenarios and you try and find things to “busy” yourself with to get away from that uncomfortable unknown feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Stop it. Embrace the feeling.

Hard I know, but important – hear me out.

Having time to think can help you really plan those next steps effectively and get you back in control during a time when you likely don’t feel so in control.

It is important to be able to feel you have some choice on the direction your life is taking rather than letting it happen to you.

So during this time as you start to look for new opportunities or if you are just considering a change and want to align with what YOU want, try these tips:

Find your values

Take some time to look into and understand your values.

What is it that truly matters to you?

What makes you happy?

Consider past roles

What have you enjoyed in current or previous employment?
What have you not enjoyed?
What sort of working hours make you the most functional and able to show up as your best self?

Consider your needs

What do you need from a financial standpoint?
What do you need in terms of learning from a future employer?

How do you want to develop?
What goals do you want to reach?

What time can you give and still have a healthy balance of rest for YOU?

By reviewing and asking yourself these questions, it will help you find that job role that really aligns with you. One that will make you happy but still align with what you need.

Finding the ultimate perfect job is hard, don’t get me wrong but there are often lots of great jobs along the way that teach you and help you develop and network to reach or create that perfect job.

If you need help with any of these questions, you can always drop me an email at ,, or ,,book a call.

The ,,Redundancy Realignment Resource is now live!

A resource to help you if you have been made redundant or if you are looking for that new opportunity. It is a collaboration with 3 other amazing women!

The Redundancy Realignment Resource is an online self-paced course split into 4 modules to help you smash that next job application.

  • Module 1 is all about Mindset with the lovely Veronica.
  • Module 2 is with me and we are going to set ourselves purpose aligned goals
  • Module 3 is on Personal Branding with Godspromise
  • Module 4 is with Sabrina on how to write that killer CV and leverage LinkedIn.

These are the four key steps we feel lead to an incredible job application, interview and landing those dream jobs. Each module has a training video from us plus a number of resources and worksheets to work through.

We know times are hard for everyone right now and making that investment in yourself can be a little challenging.

We want to be able to support you further and so when you purchase the course and enjoy working with us – you can become an affiliate for the course.

This means that you can make that investment back (and then some if you wanted to)! Everyone you share the link we provide you with that goes on to purchase the resource, gets you 10% of sale!

We hope this helps just a little on top of all the amazing content in the course.

Any questions, you can message me as always or book a call.

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