The Redundancy Mindset

During the last few weeks, the risk of redundancy is increasing. Companies are re-evaluating their future workload, staff requirements and even office requirements – I know several companies that have now got rid of their offices all together.

People tend to be falling into one of three categories, each with its own mindset issues.

1. You have been made redundant.

Many people are already in this category.

The mindset issues that often come up are much like the previous blog where we discussed having your career tied to your identity. It can trigger imposter syndrome and anxiety on top of that. It is a form of rejection – so unless you have a great mindset strategy around rejection, moving forward can be challenging.

Questions that come up are often:

  • What did I do wrong?
  • Am I not good enough?
  • Will anyone ever want to hire me?
  • Will I get a bad referral?

My first tip for people in this group; get feedback on why you were made redundant.
A lot of the time it isn’t anything personal. They may just have no work that suits your skills to be able to keep you. That doesn’t make you a bad employee, it means your skills are not required. They are two separate things.

Any feedback that gives you room for improvement, use this time off to plan how you can improve on that moving forward.

People will want to hire you again. Everyone knows that currently redundancy is more often than not due to a bad economy and not because of you as a person. Take some time to acknowledge your skills and what you bring to the workplace so you are ready to smash that next opportunity.

2. You are at risk of redundancy

Nothing is worse to a human than the unknown. It is even worse when it can be a vital component of your life, such as a job. It can create a lot of confusion and deplete your motivation, especially if the consultation period is MONTHS long which for a large corporation, so many are.

Questions that come up:

  • Do you need to look for a new job?
  • What happens if I am made redundant?
  • Why am I at risk?
  • Did I do something wrong?

Again – ask for feedback as to why and understand the redundancy process. Usually everyone at the same grade has to be nominated and it isn’t anything personal. Understand why you are at risk but also make time to understand what your rights are and have a plan in case you are made redundant.

Take time to understand your strengths and be prepared for your consultation by showing how they benefit your role and the company.

3. You are not at risk but colleagues are.

Survivor’s guilt. I am in this place. This it the #firstworldproblems of the redundancy game.

Why is it hard? Because it can trigger imposter syndrome.

Questions that come up:

  • Why am I not being made redundant?
  • Do I deserve this job?
  • Am I good enough?
  • What if they figure out I am not great at my job.

Ways to move through this are to remind yourself why you are epic. Look into your strengths and past wins. If you don’t have a list of your wins somewhere – make one. They are so important to look back on when times are tough and some of those negative thoughts start creeping in. You can even ask someone why they decided to keep you, get feedback on what it is you are doing that makes them happy with your work. Then keep doing more of that, but also look into how you can up your game in the areas not mentioned.

No matter what stage you are at, this is a hard time. Be kind to people and understand that this can be really affecting their headspace right now.

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