That something new…

In last week’s blog, we spoke about having time to think and evaluate how we are moving forward in post pandemic life or post redundancy (or both!). One of the realisations many have had, is that they maybe weren’t doing roles that made them happy and this could be an excellent chance to start something new.

The problem is, starting something new and different scares the hell out of a lot of us!

The idea of moving into the unknown is terrifying for so many people and you are not alone in feeling like this. When we start something new, the fear of failure also pops up!

Questions such as; What if I fail at this new role? What if I get rejected with every application I make? etc. start to crop up.

This is where mindset work can be a game changer.

Taking time to understand who you are, what you stand for and how your brain works is key to moving through these negative thoughts.

Here are my top tips to start that mindset work:

1. Know your values.

Understanding what you stand for and what matters to you will support you in your journey as they will be the stabilising foundations you need when those negative and fear filled thoughts appear.

2. Understand your goals.

Knowing what you want to aim for will help when looking into something new and

different. You can look at if it aligns with where you want to go and what you can learn from that opportunity. Focusing on the positives will help put those negative thoughts aside.

3. It is ok to not know everything.

The fear of failure or starting something new can come about from this need to know everything about the activity or job role we are about to do. This idea of being “fully qualified” for a job before you take it. A job is something you should give some of your skills to but should also learn from.

4. SWOT up.

Do a SWOT analysis on yourself and on the role or opportunity. Keep those strengths and opportunities near by to remind yourself of how great you are and the benefits of an opportunity. But also look at what you are not great at (weaknesses) and see how they can be delegated or what training you could do to improve them. Threats are important to understand so you can learn how to mitigate them.

There is so much mindset work that can support you in stepping into something new but these are just some initial quick tips.

You can achieve whatever you want to achieve even if it scares you. You just need good mindset strategies in place.

If you need support with this then please feel free to book a discovery call with me and let’s see how I can support you.

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