When my mindset broke & so did I

As I’m sipping on my glass of wine, he goes:

“I’ve cheated on you. And I think we’re done, Claudia.”

Just like that.

And this is not some cheesy Rom-Com.

This was my life in 2015, at the ripe age of 24 years old. I had been happily married for over 3 years to a charming man that I met on a solo holiday & now the same random guy was telling me that he wants to leave me.

And he did.

He left & he took my sanity with him for a while too.

Let me paint you a picture: at that time, I was just over a year into running my first ever business, a beauty e-commerce stint where I was working all day & all night. I had put on some “comfort” weight & generally was not looking after myself because I had a clear priority: my business.

But here’s the thing.

When my husband left, I realised that I had no more foundation left outside my business. I wasn’t clear on who I was, what I was standing for & what my mission actually was.

I felt like a failure. I thought I had no other options left but to be stuck in that place forever.

My mindset was broken.

I continued down that path for the first few weeks, thinking that if I just worked a little harder, everything would be fine. I didn’t want to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

I was so stubborn and almost in denial of the fact that my life was completely different. I liked knowing what to expect. I didn’t want to admit that my life now required doing things like dating, moving my body or having to move out on my own.

But guess what happened?

Soon I started making mistakes in my business & realised I was out of my depth, so shut it down even though it was a profitable company.

I had hit the dreaded “rock bottom”.

And let me tell you - it turns out it’s exactly what I needed!

Once I realised I had, on paper, lost everything, I took this opportunity to start from scratch and ask myself “Who do I actually want to be?” and focus on that.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that any of these things were easy or that it happened overnight. It took me probably about a year of full-on focused work on myself to get to a point where I felt whole and content. But here are some of the things that I did that really helped me :

  • I went travelling to places that I always wanted to but hadn’t thought was possible

  • I re-learned what fun looked like for me - because I had stopped having fun!

  • I got out there, started networking and creating opportunities for myself

  • I applied for jobs that I wasn’t “100% qualified for” and I got them

  • I started learning more about psychology & business because I realised I wanted to help others who are going through the same

  • I learned what self-care truly means (outside bubble baths & face masks), which is truly looking after your mind, body & soul

  • I learned to say “YES” even when I’m scared that I’ll fail

  • I learned to say “NO” to things that didn’t light my soul on fire

Bit by bit, I learned that what I need more than anything was to build a growth mindset. A growth mindset really allows you to have a different perspective on life, which is all about seeing each mistake & challenge as an opportunity to learn and knowing that you are not limited in any kind of way by your current situation.

Listen closely to this, because it might change your life.

You are always one decision away from having a totally different life.

You are responsible for and you are in control of your life.

If I can do it, anyone can, because I’m not special. But also I know that you don’t need to hit rock bottom to make a positive change in your life.

So start today and start small.

If you’re wondering about me and what happened after, fast forward 4 years since those times, I’m the proud founder of my own coaching business and I’m on a freaking mission.

On a mission to help other entrepreneurs build businesses that work for their life, not the other way around. I’m using my business background & knowledge and my own mindset experience to create a holistic experience that’s not just pure strategy but actually taking the human experience into consideration.

The first time around, my business took over my life completely & I know how easy it is for that to happen, so I’m now helping others with the power of mindset, strategy and action.

Claudia is a no-bullshit business coach.

Her passion is to empower women in their entrepreneurial journey after great success is the creation of her businesses and her personal journey.

For more information follow her on Instagram instagram.com/caludiamangeac or visit her website www.claudiamangeac.com


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