Importance of Self-Evaluation

This time in lockdown has given all of us a lot of time to reflect – but are we using those reflections in a purposeful way?

For a lot of us it has triggered a lot of fear and uncertainty. We are moving back into the workplace and heading for yearly reviews. Or we are one of many people who have lost their job and are now trying to decide the best way to move forward.

Being able to evaluate yourself is so important no matter what scenario you are moving to or from. It helps you track how you are doing in relation to your own goals.

So here are my top tips for self-evaluation.

1. Be honest with yourself

You are the only person you hurt if you aren’t. It is hard and a little uncomfortable but to be able to fully evaluate yourself you need to be brutally honest on what you have done over the last X months.

2. Look at the good and the bad.

Again – uncomfortable. It is important to acknowledge the amazing things you have done, how you did them and why they turned out so great. Equally as important to consider what didn’t go well and why. What can you learn from that? Did you find a great solution to a common problem?

3: What do you need to do moving forward?

What actions can you take or plan for to move you closer to your goals?

What have you learnt from your period of reflection?

Do you have a clear action plan moving forward?

4. Consider how you feel emotionally over the period you are reviewing.

When were you feeling your best?
When were you feeling your worst?

Are there common themes in your behaviour or events that happen leading towards that emotion coming up?

What habits can you look to be forming to make sure you are creating cues and triggers for those happy feelings?

Being able to evaluate yourself also helps you to step away from the judgement of others. Evaluation comes in many forms and from many people. It is important to do your own evaluation before receiving feedback from others. Then you know that this is how you truly feel about a given situation before the views of others have had a chance to impact.

It allows you to distance yourself from the pain that can come from certain parts of feedback. Especially if you have taken time to self-reflect as you will likely be prepared for some of the feedback coming your way.

Self-evaluation is a key part of progress and growth and I encourage you to regularly reflect on what you have accomplished and what you want to accomplish. This is a skill that will lead you to success by not only aligning your own actions but by allowing others to better understand what you want to achieve through the actions you are taking.

Want to get better at Self-Evaluation?

You can book on to one of our mentoring packages and have us help and guide you with more personalised tips and questions plus additional support resources at the end.

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