Choosing Your Path

I have had the same conversation with so many people recently and these are the key points I have pulled out.

  • They are feeling overwhelmed and lack a sense of purpose and direction.
  • They want to have a successful life.
  • They have many ideas on how this success might manifest.

This isn’t uncommon. A lot of people go through periods of doubt. The feeling that maybe you aren’t doing the right thing and you aren’t sure which direction to go in.

Hannah Schaapkens in the Bluebell woods with sunglasses on her head and wearing a white jumper

We are asked – in the UK at least – to choose what you want to do at a young age and not given much training on what to do if you decide you want to make a BIG change to your life. There is high pressure to make the right decision very young.

Then, should the time come, when your priorities change and maybe you want to take a different path – like I am by starting Engineer Your Mind (EYM) – you panic. You feel overwhelmed and don’t know which direction to go in. You even feel bad for considering that you might want to stray from the “path”.

It is your life; your path and you get to build it and choose its direction.

You choose if any obstacles you hit hold you back or if you navigate round them.

This was my problem for QUITE a long time. An obstacle would come up and I would turn and look at who can tell me how to get round it or to let me know I was choosing the right way to get round it.

I still feel like that often but now I know I have strategies in place to ma

ke sure I can make that decision on my own. Not only make that decision but know deep down it is the right one. Even if it is a big change to the direction, I was going in.

One of my recent changes has taken me down a path to try and encourage corporations as well as young professionals to consider mental health in all their decisions. My breakdown is something I can’t take back and I learnt so much from it but I also wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I was trying to think about what I could do to support more people from making the same mistakes I did. It was amazing how many things sprung to mind! It was how I knew I really needed to start pursuing EYM more seriously.

The idea of doing so made me feel sick. Physically sick. I started feeling that others might think I was a fraud. I wasn’t a qualified professional. Why would they want help from me? If I turned this into a business, why would they choose me?

The doubts continually flooded my mind and there were many days where I cried about it. But deep down I knew this is where I could make a big difference. I studied engineering to help people. To create things to support us in living a better life. Maybe this is how I will do it.

I invested in a business coach. Her and the others on the course, are so supportive remind me that I have already helped a number of people and I am being asked by other companies to come in and provide support. So why am I stressed about it?

They remind me that I do know what I am talking about and to look back at how far I have come and what I am able to do now because of all the strategies I have put in place.

Being able to support people through EYM is a dream goal of mine but there have been so many hurdles I have to overcome in order to make this happen. But I have and I am immensely proud of myself.

So, I am taking great pleasure in announcing that I am launching my first EVER program – The Active Affirmation Program!

A 6 month program to help young professionals view going after their goals in a positive way whilst looking to maintain balance and mental well-being with efficient strategies and no fluff!!

I want to support you now in developing yourself and teaching you how to transform you thinking so you can go after what YOU want and know deep down that no matter how hard the journey, it is the right one.

You can find out more in the work with me section of my site.

Currently the wait list is open and I will be sharing more details soon!

For now, I am going to hop back to working on making it the best and most transformational program yet.

Logo for the active affirmation program

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