About me

Hey! I'm Hannah

So how did I get to being here...

I was born in the UK to an English Mum and a Dutch Dad. I was taught both languages from a young age but favoured Dutch which made starting school in the UK a challenge!

I was always the quiet one in the room. Something many saw as a weakness – even a teacher doubted my ability to pass exams because I was so quiet. Even at that age, I was determined to prove myself. I did. I proved that teacher wrong with some incredible parental support.

However, I slowly began growing an anxiety issue. If someone in a place of trust could doubt me or thought I wasn’t clever then they must be right?

It would sit there in my subconscious and little did I know how much it would grow and effect my later life…

I feel lucky that I have always had that need to prove others wrong within me.
That quiet strength.

It got me good grades and the chance to study a joint degree in Electrical Engineering and German at prestigious universities in the UK and Germany.

I remember getting the phone call for the dream job I had been working so hard for. A fortune 500 Engineering Consultancy where I could work all over the world (and I did).

This phone call will be etched in my mind forever.

After receiving it I got the worst news of my life and everything turned upside down.

As anyone would after getting such great news – you call the parents who have supported you in getting there. Except no one picked up. I was concerned as I know my Mum hadn’t been feeling well. I called round the family trying to check everything was alright until I finally got called back by my parents.

It was stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She had 7 months left.
The tumour was the size of a tennis ball and covered a major artery and there was nothing we could do.

My body stopped functioning.

Dream job + worse news ever = numbness.

Depression hit. It was bad. I didn’t leave my room for 3 weeks, I would pretend to my roommates that I wasn’t in and order take out late at night so I wouldn’t have to speak to anyone in the house.

I finally went to go see a therapist but the fit wasn’t quite right so I stopped. I could fix it myself anyway. I didn’t need help.

Who was I to complain?

Yes this was a bad situation but so many others lost family members too. I still had a privileged life so I could work through this one thing on my own.

Except it wasn’t that one thing.

This even, the subsequent loss of my mother and a number of family members (one to mental health issues too), a high stress job and a sexual assault incident triggered that little voice of doubt in the back of my head.

Hi Anxiety.

I stopped believing in myself, I lost my fight to prove others that doubted me wrong. I became so obsessed with proving my worth and staying busy that I burned out several times but refused help.

That little voice of negativity had been with me from such a young age that I was in full belief it was normal. I didn’t think it was worth asking help over.
After some very low points and several tries, I finally got the right help. I started creating a better life for myself. One that makes me calm and happy.


I think back constantly to how much I hid because I didn’t think that my life was bad enough to warrant help.


>> Imagine if I had gotten the help I needed when I first noticed the issue. 

>> Imagine what a difference it would have made if I knew how to quiet that voice.

>> Imagine how few low days and burnout moments I would have prevented.

I shared my journey with colleagues at work.

This turned into presentations, then workshops then helping that company change its policies around mental health. Then – as colleagues moved companies – I was brought into their new companies to talk more about mental health.

It made me feel so alive giving these talks and seeing people feel seen and heard.
Helping those people who couldn’t speak up but wanted people to understand.

It made me so happy to have individual chats too and share more on how to prevent issues and this is how Engineer Your Mind Ltd. was created. I wanted to do this more and support as many people as I could.

So here I am, waiting to support you and build the lifestyle you want and to prevent the lifestyle I had

Engineer Your Mind is here to help as many people as possible create healthy and sustainable mindset strategies to prevent burnout and overwhelm whilst maximizing their brilliance and creating balance in their life.

Why working with an empathetic coach is important?

A coach is here to teach and guide you towards a goal. I am here to be that support you need while I teach and guide you through developing a mindset strategy that works for you. I have been where you are right now and completely empathise with how you feel. I am not here to judge you and force you in any direction, just to help guide you to YOUR path and whatever that might look like.

There are two ways to learn from people – through their training or through their experience.
I am the latter and to be honest, it is my preferred method of learning from others.

Empathy I see as one of my key values to my clients. I know what that bad day is like. I also know how hard it was to get out of it.
One of my struggles through gaining support for myself was not feeling that the people who were helping me understood what I was going through – so in my mind, what they had to say didn’t matter.

I am here to be that support that understands how you feel, appreciate that challenged that can bring and still help you move out of that feeling your way and in your time. 

Are you ready?

I am here to help you if:

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Coming soon!

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